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Jimmy Boydell

Industrial/Graphic Designer

Listed below are projects I've done during my time at the Herberger Institute of Design at Arizona State University.  

Above each slideshow is a description of the assignment, as well as further details on my process while designing the product.

Branding Project

BRANDING PROJECT - Design an existing product with the applied brand language from a different brand.  For my project, I chose to apply Razer's brand language to an essential oils diffuser.  Razer is a high end gaming peripherals company, and more info can be found on them at

The name of my product is the Razer Enenra.  As Razer names many of its products after mythical beasts, (such as the Kraken, Basilisk, etc) I wanted to name mine in a similar way.  The Enenra is a mythical creature made of smoke and vapor, which I found fitting for my diffuser.

Wall mounting the Enenra means freeing up desk space, which is precious space for gamers.  

Sleek black surfaces highlighted with LED lighting is intended to match the Razer brand, in order to match any gamer's PC battle station.

Streamline Project

STREAMLINE STAPLE GUN - Design an existing product with the Streamline Style that emerged in the 1930's.  The product I selected was a staple gun.

My model was made of yellow foam, which I sanded down to get the right form.  

The overall form was meant to be both aerodynamic (streamlined) as well as somewhat ergonomic.  Although not the most functional or practical form for a staple gun, it effectively incorporated the streamline style of design into a staple gun.

Additionally, there is a poster here that I created in the same era style, which was done using Adobe Photoshop.

Chair Project

CHAIR PROJECT - This assignment consisted of designing a chair for a specific need.  I thought back to areas I thought could use an improvement.  One thing that came to mind was at the rock climbing gym I often go to.  Although the gym itself was fantastic, the only seating was on plastic chairs, and benches.  Not only were these uncomfortable, but they did nothing to encourage socialization.  Both of these issues were addressed in my final design.

The chair is used to bring people together, as well as offering a safe place to leave personal items in the cubbies below.

Additionally, the soft pad on top serves as comfortable seating, while mimicking the look of a climbing gym (made of the same materiel as the crash pads).

Shoe Project

SHOE PROJECT - My goal was to design a shoe used in a sport or activity. I chose to design a rock climbing/bouldering shoe.


This video showcases my process throughout the semester as I tackle this project.