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Jimmy Boydell

Industrial/Graphic Designer

The following images were created through my LLC, Boydell Design.  These projects include business cards, logos, and other graphic design jobs.

These designs were done using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic design logofolio

Download my Logofolio here, highlighting some of my favorite works from over the years.

Graphic Design Portfolio preview 1.png
Graphic Design Portfolio preview 2.png

Dry Bone cowboy

Dry Bone Cowboy is a person.  or a personality, if you'd rather.  he was born a little at a time through the ideas, conversations, and friendship of us, the founders. Over the course of time, we discovered that there is an idea, or persona that perfectly embodies the things that we hold dear, and we refer to that idea, person, personality as: Dry Bone Cowboy.

Sub - or- Die

Sub -or- die

This group reached out to me over the internet looking for a logo design for their YouTube channel.  They had already chosen a name, and I  ran with a few ideas until we found one that they liked.  The process took about a week, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Giving Glimmer

Giving glimmer

Our story begins in 2009, when Project Glimmer's founder, Sonja Hoel Perkins, attended a holiday benefit for the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program.  Inspired by their giving, she later called the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program to learn how she could give more. What she learned set the stage for Project Glimmer: while there were plenty of gifts for kids, there were never enough gifts for teenage girls.