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Industrial Design

Listed below are projects I've completed during my education at the Herberger Institute of Design at Arizona State University.  


6th Semester

POWER TOOL PROJECT - A semester long project which aims at redesigning a power tool from the bottom up - this includes interviews, research, human factors task analysis, and more.

My power tool of choice was the Belt Sander. Download the Research or Design document by clicking a link below.


5th Semester

HOUSEWARES PROJECT -  Design a product used in the home.

Built for use at home or work, Taskor is designed to help users remain distraction free, in a time where technology is constantly trying to get our attention. The large knob is used to set a timer, which disables notifications from distracting you via computer and phone, while setting online statuses to "busy" automatically. The product doubles as a speaker and pen holder, adding to it's functionality while taking up desk space.

View the full design document by clicking the link below.

Off Limits

5th Semester

IOT PET PROJECT - Internet of Things Pet Product.

This device uses three products to monitor the location of a pet (Hub, Sensors, and a Collar).

Using an app, the user can control which areas are "Off Limits" which will update the virtual mapping. Pets who enter the area are buzzed via the collar device.


4th Semester

BRANDING PROJECT - Design an existing product with the applied brand language from a different brand. 

For my project, I chose to apply Razer's brand language to an essential oils diffuser.  Razer is a high end gaming peripherals company, and more info can be found on them at

Razer Brands their product using the names of various mythical creatures such as the Basilisk, Kraken, and Ouroboros. For my Essential Oils diffuser, I used the name Enenra- a Japanese monster, that is composed of smoke and darkness. 


4th Semester 

STREAMLINE PROJECT - Design an existing product with the Streamline Style that emerged in the 1930's.  I selected a staple gun as my product.

This model was made using yellow foam.


4th Semester

SHOE PROJECT - My goal was to design a shoe used in a sport or activity. I chose to design a rock climbing/bouldering shoe.

FEROX - Translated from Latin means Fierce - is an aggressive style climbing shoe with a sharp toe, curved sole, and added padding on top for toe hooking.

Figure 4

3rd Semester

PROMPT - This assignment consisted of designing a chair for a specific need. My focus was on designing a chair for use in an Indoor Bouldering gym. Some of the design factors included: Durable material, accessible storage, and a way to casually bring people together.


3rd Semester 

PROMPT - Design a product to improve your life using an extrusion molded part.

Another rock climber based design - the Trim Board is meant to be a compact pull-up board, for use in the home.

A unique feature is the ability to switch out the size of the hold to train grip strength. Modern pull--up bars don't offer a variety of hold types, which would be useful for climbers.

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