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James Boydell

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Industrial Design Major

Sustainability Minor

Freelance Graphic Designer

Passionate about design, gaming, and technology.

Hobbies and interests

Mountain Biking - I fell in love with mountain biking during the 2020 Pandemic. It's quickly become one of my favorite activities and I try to get out three times a week.

Rock climbing (bouldering) - For about 5 years, starting in Tucson at a climbing gym “the Bloc,”  I quickly developed a passion for bouldering and have only stopped once - when I fractured my arm.  I was back to climbing 4 months later.


PC Enthusiast - As a computer enthusiast I like to build/modify PC’s and am always looking for an excuse to upgrade my own. Having a powerful computer to do my work and game on is a necessity. 


Gaming - Video games have always been a huge part of my life.  From the moment I first played Zelda at age four I was hooked.  Games tend to be my favorite way of relaxing or burning some extra time. 


Drawing - It’s always been a part of my lifestyle.  If I’m not on my computer or climbing, you’ll find me with a sketchbook in hand. Whether drawing for fun or for a project, I've always loved practicing with pen and paper.

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